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Our Objectives

Our strategic objectives are focused on empowering and improving the lives of disadvantaged girls and young single mothers in Uganda. We believe that every woman has the potential to succeed and provide for themselves and their families, and we aim to provide the necessary support and resources to help them achieve this. Our objectives are as follows:

We aim to establish a training center where young women can learn different skills that align with their interests and passions. This will provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to become self-reliant and pursue their goals.

Establish a training center

We recognize the unique challenges faced by young single mothers and their children. Therefore, we offer developmental and humanitarian support that addresses their specific needs and helps to sustain their well-being.

Developmental and humanitarian support

We encourage women to make savings through the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) to help with their personal development. This includes starting businesses and building financial stability for themselves and their families.

Encourage savings through VLSA's

We strive to eliminate gender-based violence in homes to promote peace and stability in marriages. We believe that violence has no place in any relationship, and we aim to provide a safe environment for women and their children.

Eliminate gender-based violence

We promote urban agriculture in homesteads to supplement and increase food security. This empowers women to be self-sufficient in providing for their families and also contributes to the larger community by promoting sustainable and healthy living.

Promote urban agriculture